Essence Aire Diffuser & Essential Oils

Essence Aire Diffuser & Essential Oils

Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience by using essential oils. Allow the natural aromas and benefits of essential oils to fill your home with this ZEN diffuser fulfill peaceful and tranquility at home or work place.  

There are plenty of ways to scent your home and change your mood, ours is easier and safer than others. Essential oil diffusers disperse natural oils into the air which can help to freshen up a room and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Our Essence Aire Diffuser includes three lights lining the base that can be paused or shut off, and a 100ml measuring cup to refill the diffuser. Add distill water and 5-10 drops of essential oils. For more mist to be expelled, turn the round plastic part (image 6) on the inside cover. Now you're ready to relax and enjoy the experience of this ZEN diffuser.

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