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General Questions

Does TEI Spa Test on Animals?

Do TEI Spa Beauty Devices come with a Warranty?

I am a skin care professional, are TEI Spa products suitable for me to use on clients?

Which TEI Spa products are Waterproof?

Which product is best for someone who wants to cure acne and blemishes?

Does TEI Spa Charge Tax?


Does the OxyDerm Hurt?

Is OxyDerm™ Facial Tool Safe?

TEI Spa has both the Oxyderm and the Oxyderm Pro. Can you explain how these two models are different?

How does OxyDerm work?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™ for Acne?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™ for Enlarged Pores?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™ for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™ Puffy Eyes?

What are the Benefits of using the OxyDerm™ on Dark Eye Circles?

I dropped by OxyDerm and the glass bulb broke. What can I do about it?

How close can I use the OxyDerm to my eye area?

Sonic Spatula

How can ultrasonic waves cleanse my skin?

How can ultrasonic waves also penetrate products?

Does the SonicSpatula hurt or sting the skin?

Why should I use Rosewater or Lavender Misting Spray with the SonicSpatula rather than regular water?

Can I use anything other than TEI Spa Misting Sprays with my Sonic Spatula?

What skin types should use the SonicSpatula?


What is the difference between the UltraCleanse and the Clarisonic?

Is the Ultra Cleanse suitable for sensitive skin?

How often should I change the removable attachments on my UltraCleanse Brush?

Where can I order replacements for my Ultra Cleanse Brush Attachments?

The Point

How long should I use my Point Pen and 24 Karat Gold Serum?

I don’t feel anything when I use The Point Pen. Am I using it wrong?

Can I use any eye serum with the Galvanic Point Pen?

How close can I use The Point to my eye area?

Essence Hair Diffuser

Does the EssenceAire Diffuser release Heat to open pores?

Hair Sonic

Can I use my Hair Sonic for massaging the body and smoothing out cellulite?

Can the hairsonic system be used abroad? As they use 240V vs our 110V?

Essential Oils

Can the Essential Oils be used for anything other than the EssenceAire Diffuser?

Cotton Swabs

Are the Eye Makeup Remover Cotton Swabs oil or water based?

Are the Lip Moisturizing Cotton Swabs flavored, scented or have any taste or color?

What the ingredients in the Cotton Swabs?