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Air Purifier Ozone Generator - 3 modes
Smart Air Purifier Ozone Generator Multi-purpose sterilizer eliminates odor
Smart Air Purifier Ozone Generator Multi-purpose sterilizer eliminates odor
Air Purifier Ozone Generator - 3 modes
Air Purifier Ozone Generator - 3 modes

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Air Purifier Ozone Generator - 3 modes

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The Air Purifier Ozone Generator:

  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: Smoke odor eliminator and odor neutralizer. Ozone based ionizer air purifier
  • SETTINGS: 3 pre-set settings available (P1, P2 and P3)
  • AIR SCRUBBER: Get rid of musty smells. Great ozone air purifier for smokers
  • SMOKE EATER and odor remover without any noise will do the job
  • SMALL AND POWERFUL: Portable generator, lightweight and compact
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The bactericidal capacity is 600 times more than that of antibiotics and 3000 times greater than that of ultraviolet rays
  • PENETRABILITY: Due to the small molecular weight of ozone, it has a strong penetration effect on cells and tissues, which quickly penetrate into cells and tissues to kill pathogenic microorganisms
  • NON-RESISTANCE: Its principle of action is different from that of any antibiotic and antivirin, and finally oxygen is formed. Bacterial viruses do not have any resistance to it, and will not produce resistance after long-term use
  • Plugin wall outlet


  • P1 – ON/OFF 10 mins/.5 HOUR
  • P2 -  ON/OFF 10 mins/1 HOUR 
  • P3 -  ON/OFF 20 mins/2 HOURS 

 SAFETY: Run it when the room is empty. It is recommended to adjust the machine to the right level and leave the room until the device turns off. Inhaling ozone, may irritate the lungs and throat, causing coughing or shortness of breath. Once ozone is produced it will decompose into oxygen, then you may go back into the room and enjoy the fresh and clean air to ensure 100% safety. Activated oxygen removes odors from tobacco, food, pets, paint, mold & mildew. 

Product Name: Smart Air Purifier
Ozone Output: 150mg/H
Voltage Input: AC90 ~ 250V
Product specifications: 130 * 130 * 78mm
Net weight: 206g
Power consumption: 6W
Applicable space: 50 ~ 150㎡

Package included:
Purifier  1
Manual 1