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OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)
OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)
OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)
OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)
OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)

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OxyDerm Kit 110V (High Frequency Ozone Therapy)


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Kit Includes:

  • OxyDerm Tool
  • OxyCalming Serum (30mL) Complimentary 
  • Travel Pouch

The OxyDerm beauty tool has been developed by the professionals at TSB to aid in the purification and sterilization of skin, fight against inflammation, and accelerate the skin’s metabolism. To help for those with blemish prone skin to experience maximum anti-acne results in the comfort of their own home, in just minutes a day. 

For All Skin Types:

  • For Dry Skin: Use daily, or as needed, on T-zone and U-zone in small circular motions for 1 minute or less.
  • For Oily Skin: Use daily in the morning and night time. Focus use on oily areas and use minimally on sensitive areas.
  • For Combination Skin: Use daily, or as needed, on T-zone in small circular motions for up to 1-2 minutes.
How To Use:
  • Use on cleansed dry skin
  • Turn on the device and allow to generate clean ozone for 15-20 second before placing on the skin
  • Use in circular motions in areas of concern. 1-2 minutes depending on your level of comfort or focus on the problem area only.  

Before Use: Removal all metal Jewelry before use. Not for use by individuals with braces.

Storage and Care: Be sure to clean with a dry cloth after each use, then cover the tool install with the protective pouch. 

The OxyDerm bulb is very fragile and breakable. Please handle with care and replace the cap when not in use.

 Safety Warning, DO NOT USE:

• if you are pregnant, nursing or menstruating;
• if you suffer from severe or cystic acne;
• if you have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure, had an acid peel or used Accutane over the past 30 days; had skin grafting or metal material transplant
• if you have metal braces
• if you use a pacemaker or have a battery-operated heart pump; have a history of heart disease; have high blood pressure;
• have internal ulcers, tumors, cerebral embolism, or skin diseases such as herpes, skin cancer, general lupus, erythematous, etc
• with any metal object on or around the treatment area. Keep the tool at least 3 ft away from electrical devices
• around the abdominal region if you use an intrauterine contraceptive ring


For a full description and more information click here. For Brochure click here


Alba Adrian Both my teens really benefit from the Oxy-derm. With a simple skin care routine and a nightly zapping their skin looks significantly better. Even my son has to admit the Oxy-Derm really works!