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Replacement HairSonic Massaging Brush
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Replacement HairSonic Massaging Brush


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TEI Spa HairSonic Replacement Massaging Brush
HairSonic Massaging Attachment

Compatible with the HairSonic Scalp Cleansing and Massaging device, our soft massaging attachment is made to accommodate a range of hair types and should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. Order both types to get the full scalp cleansing and massage you need and the gorgeous hair you love. 

    Use the HairSonic for scalp cleansing and massage to target your entire scalp, head and hair! The massaging replacement is made of soft plastic and is designed for deep pore massaging of the sclap. Apply your favorite shampoo, conditioner or oil on to wet brush head. Gently move the brush in a circular motion across the scalp. 
    • For Deep Massaging of the scalp
    • Use with shampoos, conditioners and/or scalp and hair oils
    • Ideal for increased relaxation
    • Removes more dead, dry skin than manual massaging and aids in hair growth


      1. Make sure tool is off before attaching or removing brushes.
      2. Hold brush head lengthwise. Bend top and bottom of brushhead to expose the loop on the back of the brush head.
      3. Hold tool in other hand and position the loop on the brushto slide and connect with hook on the tool. Let go of top and bottom of brush head and position perimeter of brushhead around the perimeter of the tool to fit snuggly.
      4. Adjust ridges of the brush head to properly fit the tool.
      5. After use each brush head should be removed for cleaning.Remove brush head by gently lifting the edge of the brushhead off of the tool perimeter.
      6. Bend top and bottom of brush head to expose the loopand hook connection and slide the loop off of the hook.


      After each use remove the brush from the tool to thoroughl yclean with soap and warm (not hot) water. Do not use cleansing solvents. Gently pat dry with towel and allow toair dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or any extreme heat source that may cause damage.

      When dry, store brushes and tool in a cool, dry place awayfrom sun and high temperatures. Never store your HairSonic™System in water. Plug adaptor into wall and place the HairSonic™System into cradle to charge. 


      TEI Spa Technological breakthrough, the HairSonic, now allows you to share one tool with the whole family. Replacable brush heads allow to easily purchase different brush heads to each family member and enjoy a community of cleansing at the lowest cost possible.

      HairSonic Tool and Attachments Designed by TEI Spa in California. Made in PRC.